Portrait Article Review

  1. A good portrait tells a story about the person featured in it and/or evokes emotion  
  2. The background featured in a portrait is a significant element  
  3. Adding props to the photo can help create balance in the frame  
  4. You can choose to not include a background if you think it will interfere with the story you want to tell or the emotion you want to evoke 
  5. You can cut out certain parts of the portrait if it helps you tell your visual story 
  6. Off-centered framing can create an unbalanced effect is that is what is desired 
  7. Dim lighting evokes sad/dark feelings 
  8. Natural, soft light evokes feelings of serenity and peace   
  9. A portrait is any picture where you can see a person and feel a story 
  10. Empty spaces in portraits create a sense of loneliness  
  11. The rule of thirds can create a sense of power  
  12. Good portrait taking involves a thinking process  
  13. Try not to over-think while shooting portraits, the subject may become irritated  
  14. Planning is needed to successfully tell a story through a portrait 
  15. Having an understanding of composition is a key element in good photography  

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