50 Photo Critique

Similarities: you can edit by yourself using tools, there are tutorials so you can learn how to do certain things, and you can add and share pictures in both. Differences: there are presets in lightroom, you can add words in photoshop, and lightroom has featured photos.

Jump Start Your Photography

Go to the movies to find inspiration through the story, characters, and dialogue. Try to learn new lighting techniques: Ex. strobe light Join a photowalk: interact with other photographers and get some shooting ideas Look at others photoblogs to find inspiration Look at CD covers or cover albums which almost always include interesting art/images Listen…


RAW files are significantly bigger than JPEG and produce higher quality files. However, JPEG images are already processed so they can be quickly transferred from the camera to editing software. RAW files are between 2-6 times larger than JPEG files because they contain a much greater amount of image data. Yes, you can choose to…

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