Collage About Myself


My collage is a visual representation of myself and the things I enjoy. I decided to include a few of my favorite albums from artists I enjoy listening to such as Drake, Steve Lacy, and Bad Bunny. I love all different types of music except country, which I only listen to two songs that are called “Tennessee Whiskey” and “7 Summers.” I mostly listen to chill R&B music and pop, but also lots of rap when I’m at the gym or on the way to my softball games. I also included a picture of someone getting their nails done because my mom and I go every 3-4 weeks and my friends think of my nails as one of my personality traits. The food/restaurants included in the portrait are all my favorites and are my number one choices when helping my family decide what to eat for dinner on occasion. Along with the food, I also included my favorite drink from Starbucks which is the ‘Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Expresso’ that I get almost every single day.  

Moving on from food and music, I decided to include the logos of Snapchat and Instagram because they are my most frequently used apps and I enjoy posting on them. Above the logos there is a picture of an A+ and I included it because I prioritize my grades and have always strived for straight A’s. I included a picture of a building at the University of Oregon because it is my dream college. There is also an image of a woman holding multiple bags and the Target logo because I love shopping and would probably buy all of target if I had enough money. There are pictures of people running and softball players because I run cross country and play softball. The picture of the lake is at Mammoth Lakes which is my favorite place to vacation with family. There is a picture of Hocus Pocus since Halloween is coming up and it’s my favorite Halloween movie. The Netflix logo is also included because I enjoy binging shows when I have free time. An image of the Dodgers is in the collage as well because they are my favorite baseball team and I love watching them play. Finally, there is a picture of the number 5 at the top because 5 is my lucky number and it has been my sports number for years.  

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